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Interview with Pete JACOBS: The King of Kona (english version)

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“No, (Ironman – ITU Triathlon) are different sports almost. Draft legal and non draft legal, appeal to different sponsors, athletes, and spectators”.


Pete Jacobs

Australian Professional Triathlete

Hawaii Ironman World Champion 2012

Twitter – @petejjacobs

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Hello Pete, we are in a project to promote the Tri here in Spain and there isn’t a better way to do it than with an interview with the king of the Iron Man!

 Thank you in advance and congratulations on winning to your idols in Kona.

Let’s go to the interview:

When did you know that you were going to be a professional triathlete?

After 4 years like apprenticeship in Landscaping. I was 22 years old.

Running is probably where triathletes have more problems. Do you have a running background?

I was always naturally good at cross country, and terrible at sprinting, although I never trained seriously as a runner. My running has improved through working hard on my technique.

 You already are one of the best swimmers and the best one runner. Are you doing any changes in your training plans for 2013?

My plans may change slightly for different races. Although for Hawaii next year I will keep everything the same as this year.

In your training plans, which is your priority? More load volume or more intensity and less volume?

They are equally important. I have more interval sessions on the run, and I do more long strength sessions on the bike.

Do you have the schedule for 2013?

No, I have no definite races yet for 2013

And what is your next goal?

My next goal is to replicate my Hawaii form at the next biggest race of my season in 2013. I want to really feel great and have another big win before Hawaii next year.

Are you in position to run down 2h:35m in Hawaii? 

Running 2:35 in Hawaii is not impossible, but extremely difficult and would need a very good day without wind on the bike. I do hope to break 2:40 in Hawaii at least once.

Do you think that nutrition is one of the keys of your continuous improvement?

Yes, I eat very healthy food and no ice cream for months before Hawaii. I eat lots of nutritious food, and my hydration plans during training are very important to keep my body feeling as good as it can.

In Hawaii we saw some triathlete too much thin. Do you think it was bad for them?  

I think some people train too much and don’t eat enough. We all train a lot, and the muscles need a lot of nutrition to repair, grow, and adapt to the training. We also need to drink a lot of electrolytes. I drink “Shotz salt/electrolyte tabs” constantly while training and resting.

Why do you think Australians are beating the other triathletes in the Ironman lately? Do you have talent identification programs or something?

It is just chance that the last 6 years the winners have been Australian. We have no programs for long course athletes, and the three of us all train separately.

In Australia Do you have good coverage of triathlon on TV or online?

TV coverage is not very good in Australia, and it only gets in papers for a couple of days after Hawaii once a year. Online in Australia there are some of the best triathlon websites in the world like &

Ivan Raña won last Saturday in his first MD IM  Lanzarote 70.3 Do you think he will be one of the rivals to consider?

I don’t know if I will race him anywhere next year, but he could do well if he continues to focus on long course races.

First year Olympic cycle we sense that some of the best triathletes in ITU World Series (Brownlee brothers, Javier Gomez Noya, Steffen Justus ….) could be tested in competitions middle and long distance. Think any of them can compete with the big Ironman circuit?

There are so many races, I’m sure they could target some and definitely win. But doing well in Hawaii is something that you can’t speculate on until they have been there and shown their abilities in those conditions.

What is your thought about the Spanish triathletes?and watch the art of one of them or someone you admire?

I admire Eneko Llanos. I had some good races in Roth against him. He is a very strong athlete, and can back up to many races one after the other.

Do you think it would be good for long distance the joint unification of the IM franchise and the ITU?

No, I think there are too many races for one company to organise, and they are different sports almost. Draft legal and non draft legs appeal to different sponsors, athletes, and spectators.

How old do you want to remain competitive and what do you like to do next?

I would like to race into my early 40’s. After that I would like to mentor some elite athletes, and run a eco cabin style accommodation with my wife Jaimielle.

Thanks for the time Pete! We really appreciate it! We wish you the best for 2013.


@bcntriathlon  Team



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